World Severe Assault Martial Art Federation


WSAMAF was established On October 3,2008 in Islamabad ,Pakistan,the location of its Head Quarters Severe Assault is a Greatest and Powerful Pakistani Martial Art Severe Assault means "Fastest attack" It has been organized by the famous Pakistani Masters, and they are doing more work for its promotion and upgrading an important thing in this martial art is that it includes modren exercises for 72 sensitive body Parts and modern defence techinques of these Parts. It has two fighting Jadh means

  (1)  Light Jadh
(2)  Full Jadh

and these fighting rules are based on Pakistani Continetal traditional fightings. It also include

10 forms
6 weapons

which were used in traditional Continetal fightings and 4 without weapon i.e. free fights.
             Severe Assault is becoming famous in world and making its place in world martial art. Currently it has been played in 35 countries of world which include

and we are going to held seminar in these countries as well. if you are wanted to represent your country than email us

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