World Severe Assault Martial Art Federation

(1) Free Mebership

Joining the World Severe Assault Martial Art Federation is a simple process. Please submit (via e-Mail ) For the Membership procedure the applicant organization sends the following data to the WSAMF office

Full Name
Name of Federation
Federation Logo
Postal Address 
Two recent pictures


The Membership Fee is $200 for 4 years

Member benefits include:

* The opportunity to compete for a place on the National Team which attends the World Severe Assault tournaments and other international tournaments.
    * Eligibility for International rank certification.
    * Eligibility for National instructor certification.
    * Severe Assault (full-contact) fighting referee training.

The rights of members of the Federation are:

    * The right to speak and vote.
    * The right to elect and be elected.
    * Participation in various activities sponsored by the Federation.
    * Discounts on advertised seminars sponsored by the W.S.A.M.A.F
    * Other rights as appended.

Steps to register:

   1. Complete the W.S.A.M.A.F Membership Form.
   2. Send the completed form to:


Application Forms

1) Name of the country and organization

2) Logo of the organization

3) Name of the president, vice-president and/or chief instructor

4) Style/System

5) Past and/or current Martial arts activities

6) Contact phone/fax numbers and e-mail/URL address

7) Current postal address

8) Two Current Photo

Please also enclose two passport-sized photos of the applicant and a brief biography of the applicant, including martial arts experience.  The membership fee is $200 for 4 years.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us. Our email,

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